Hydro Amelioration

Are your recently planted trees or shrubs not growing as you believe they should? It could be that the soil they’ve been planted in is overly compacted. Whereas many arborists will tackle soil compaction using an air spade, Rootcontrollers Australia has pioneered innovative hydro amelioration technology which performs the same function in a far more effective and efficient manner.

Hydro Amelioration Decompaction

What is soil compaction?

Soil compaction occurs when the micro and macro pores in the soil inhibit water percolation, drainage and the circulation of air through the dirt. Tree and plant roots have a restricted ability to move through compacted soil; therefore they become unable to acquire the essential nutrients they need to grow. The process of decompaction, facilitated either by an air spade which uses highly compressed air to break up soil, or by hydro amelioration, allows for oxygen to circulate through the soil, giving trees an improved opportunity to thrive and become viable.

Why do we use hydro amelioration for soil decompaction?

While many arborists opt to use an air spade to decompact soil, we believe that hydro amelioration is a far more effective and efficient method to achieve the same goal.

  • Hydro amelioration uses a special jet nozzle to apply water to the compacted soil. This method has the ability to decompact soil up to 300mm deep.
  • It’s a far less destructive method of soil decompaction as it doesn’t require trenching, bucket diggers, air knifes and other equipment.
  • Hydro amelioration is able to identify and therefore not interfere with essential services that are located underground, things like gas pipes and telecommunications cables.
  • It is highly effective for dealing with common tree problems, all while protecting the tree itself and preventing it from causing any further damage.

Whether you’re a domestic, commercial or industrial client in Melbourne, if you’d like to learn more about hydro amelioration, or would like to book our services, give Rootcontrollers Australia a call today on 0437 437 511. Alternatively you can email us at steve@hydrox.com.au.


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