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Additional hydro-excavation services

While Rootcontrollers Australia specialises in arborist related hydro-excavation jobs, we also provide additional services for commercial organisations, local councils and industrial businesses, as listed below.

Emergency repair and location works for Utility companies

We can assist with the repair and maintenance of essential services that have been damaged by tree roots. Whether it’s gas piping or telecommunications cables, we can help utility companies get their services back up and running at any location in Melbourne.

Removal of contaminated materials

Using hydro excavation technology, we can remove quantities of soil that have been contaminated by chemicals and other hazardous waste products. Our methods are safe, environmentally responsible and compliant with hazardous waste management regulations.

Utility pit cleaning

Hydro excavation is one of the most effective and non-destructive methods of utility pit cleaning. Our experienced professionals and high tech equipment will make the process simple and swift.

Cable trenching

When trenches are needed for the underground placement of easily damaged services like telephone and electricity cables or gas pipes, hydro excavation can get the job done quicker, deeper into the ground and with no destruction of existing pipes or structures.

Drain cleaning

The intense water pressure of our hydro excavation equipment provides fast and highly effective drain cleaning services, removing everything from build-ups of hair and soap to debris and heavy rainfall.

Road cleaning and environmental hazards

We can do high pressure cleaning of roadways and clean up of potentially environmentally hazardous spills. These hazards are always cleaned using strict safety guidelines and in a way that won’t cause further environmental harm.


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