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Hydro Excavation in Melbourne

Rootcontrollers Australia is proud to offer a genuine revolution in digging technology. Hydro excavation is a state-of-the-art high pressure system offering, for the first time in Australia, the world’s best practice in non-destructive digging (NDD). We use the process for a range of services, including:

  • Tree Root Investigation – Locating of tree roots and determining the damage they’ve done to surrounding areas, such as utilities, roads and pavements. A tree root removal service may be recommended.
  • Tree Root Pruning (including selective root pruning) – Pruning of tree roots to prevent damage to essential services underneath the ground whilst leaving the structural root zone intact. Root pruning can also be performed to remove dead roots that may affect the viability of a tree.
  • Tree Root Barriers – Installation of a Hydrox root barrier that tree roots are unable to grow through, helping to prevent damage to building foundations, roads, underground services, footpaths and more. A tree root barrier can also be used to establish a tree protection zone.
  • Underground Service Location – Locating of underground services such as gas piping, telecommunications cables and more. Hydro excavation can also be used for drain cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Hydro-amelioration (soil decompaction) – The breaking up of compacted soil using hydro excavation, allowing tree roots to receive more water and nutrients.

Far superior to traditional digging methods, the process of hydro excavation in Melbourne involves the removal of soil with highly pressurised water. Vac truck hydro excavation offers minimal risk of damaging essential service and utility pipes and cables located underground. There are many additional benefits to choosing hydro excavation over conventional digging, some of which you can learn about further below.

Why Choose Us For Hydro Excavation?

One of the key advantages of our hydro vacuum excavation in Melbourne is we can reach a maximum depth of 2000mm, or in the right soil conditions, 3000-4000mm. This enables us to achieve faster, more comprehensive exposure of tree root systems with minimal damage. The dynamic hydro excavations technology we use also gives us the ability to operate close to existing above ground structures without causing unnecessary destruction. Not only does this save time when compared to traditional excavation in Melbourne, but it also saves money due to hydro digging minimising the risk of costly damage. Our team are happy to discuss your needs and detail how you can benefit from our services in non destructive excavation in Melbourne.



What Is NDD?

NDD, or non-destructive digging, is simply another name for hydro excavation. In Melbourne, non destructive digging services are often referred to as NDD for short. NDD involves using the power of a high-pressure stream of water to blast through dirt, clay and other substances.

What Are the Benefits Of NDD?

Wondering why you should consider hydro excavation in Melbourne? Here are just a few benefits of NDD:

  • Minimises the risk of damage to utilities – With NDD, you can avoid causing damage to underground services such as pipes, cables and optic fibre. It’s the best option for maintaining reliable supply of electricity, gas and water.
  • It’s safe and trusted – Hydro vacuum excavation in Melbourne has been safely used by countless companies operating in the areas of gas, power, rail and construction.
  • It’s environmentally friendly – Non-destructive digging has minimal impact on the environment compared to other digging techniques which can be more invasive and cause damage to land.
  • It requires less labour – The NDD process doesn’t require as much labour as conventional excavation techniques.
  • It’s faster – Hydro excavation can be completed twice as fast compared to excavating with a mechanical excavator.
  • It’s highly accurate – The accuracy and precision of hydro digging is second to none, making it the preferred choice for numerous industries.

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