Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation in Melbourne

Vacuum excavation, also known as vacuum digging, is the same as non-destructive digging, which is a gentle technique for excavation and removal of soil. It uses an industrial vacuum and highly pressurised water to loosen up soil and suck it up using the vacuum, which it then stores in a vacuum excavation truck. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we’re specialists in this technique – in fact, we brought the method to Australia, trailblazing in the space of vacuum excavation in Melbourne. The beauty of vacuum digging is that it’s so precise and gentle on essential services under the ground as well as nearby structures, ensuring you won’t have to worry about anything becoming damaged.

The Benefits of Vacuum Digging

There are many benefits of vacuum digging in Melbourne, including:


Vacuum digging is a safe option for employees and the local community. As it works with such precision, it only affects the exact area that needs attention. The chance of damage while excavating near gas, water and communication lines is greatly reduced.


Vacuum excavation services are highly efficient and therefore also very cost-effective, requiring less labour. If you’re looking for an affordable solution to the excavation and evacuation of soil, you’ve found it with Rootcontrollers Australia.

Environmentally Friendly

When we use vacuum digging in Melbourne, we only affect the direct location that needs work. This means we keep surrounding areas intact, helping to preserve plants and trees in the environment.


The area and depth to which we work is very precise, which helps other things to go according to plan (i.e. no damage to services or the surrounding area, and safety for all on site). In addition, due to the nature of truck vacuum excavation services, it’s easy to approach tight spaces.


When we carry out vacuum excavation, we have extra flexibility space-wise as the vacuum excavation truck can be placed some distance away from the work site.

How Much Will It Cost?

Vacuum digging is an economical option when compared to traditional digging methods. The cost of vacuum excavation in Melbourne will vary according to the following factors:

  • Need for waste disposal
  • The kind of soil we’re working with
  • Where essential services are located
  • Labour expenses
  • The necessary due date for the work
  • The degree of risk of damage throughout the job

Even when all of these things are taken into account, vacuum excavation is still usually the best choice financially speaking.

Need to Remove Soil With Minimum Damage to Surrounds?

If you need to remove soil without causing damage to the surrounding area, then you need vacuum digging. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we’re among the best vacuum excavation companies who can help you easily and quickly remove soil without damage. Interested in what we offer? Call us today on 1300 348 068 to find out how our vacuum excavation contractors in Coolaroo and beyond can help you.