Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services in Melbourne

While there are conventional drain cleaning services in Melbourne available that can do the job much of the time, sometimes you might meet a drain that has an unusually large blockage. That’s where Rootcontrollers Australia can help, providing a drain vacuum service with a range of distinctive benefits. Employing hydro-excavation, we use powerful high pressurised water to remove blockages from drains. Our service for cleaning drains is tough on blockages but kind to drains, so you don’t have to worry about breakage or damage of the pipe.

At Rootcontrollers Australia, we’re aware that different clients have varying needs. That’s why we’re proud to be able to apply our trailblazing technology to any application as necessary, including for drain cleaning services in Melbourne. We were among the first to bring hydro-excavation to Australia, so if you want a company using the most advanced technology, there’s no better choice.

What’s Involved with Hydro-Excavation Drain Cleaning?

Usually you might use a drain snake to unblock drains, but sometimes blockages are too substantial. That’s where the use of our hydro-excavation equipment can be very handy for drain cleaning. Hydro-excavation uses a high water pressure stream to blast through build ups in drains, such as hair, soap or other substances.

Why Choose Hydro-Excavation?

No Damage

When we use our hydro-excavation tools, we can effectively minimise the chance of any damage. When providing drain cleaning services in Melbourne, we can ensure that the drain is kept in mint condition, with no breakage at all throughout the proceedings.

Trusted Method

Hundreds of organisations have chosen us for drain cleaning, knowing that our practices are sound and our technology innovative. Many businesses and other organisations have vouched for us after being happy with our drain vacuum service.

Tree Friendly

We try to avoid harming trees where possible, and using hydro-excavation for drain cleaning makes this easier as there’s less impact on the immediate environment.

Less Labour

Our equipment for non-destructive digging allows us to work more efficiently with less labour involved, bringing you savings in time and money.


Hydro-excavation drain cleaning services are faster and more efficient. We can get the job done up to twice as fast as other techniques.

Need a Drain Vacuum Service in Melbourne?

If you need drain cleaning services in Melbourne, call on the experts at Rootcontrollers Australia today. We use the latest technology to clear out your drains quickly and efficiently. Call us now on 1300 348 068.