Tree Root Control
Tree Root Control

Tree Root Pruning

The ability of trees to absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and filter air pollution makes them vital to both the survival of the human species and the planet. However, trees need to be well maintained in order to remain healthy and capable of performing their natural functions – and the key to a healthy tree is a healthy root system. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we can provide a range of essential tree root control services such as tree root pruning. These services not only preserve the tree’s integrity, but also prevent its roots from causing unnecessary damage to roads, building foundations and other structures.

root pruning services

In addition to the installation of tree root control barriers, we can assist you with the following tree root control services:

Root Pruning Services

There are numerous reasons why tree roots underground may need to be pruned, but three of the most common are:

  • To prevent damage caused by roots to essential services located beneath the ground (gas, telecommunications, etc.)
  • To transplant trees from one location to another
  • To remove dead roots that hinder the viability of the tree
  • Selective root pruning

Using our hydro-excavation technology, we’re able to provide selective tree root pruning services that protect not only the tree but also its surrounds above and below ground. It’s a non-destructive method of tree root pruning that doesn’t interfere with underground services. It also allows you to work deeper beneath the surface, unlike traditional digging methods, as it can identify roots up to two metres underground. The root pruning professionals at Rootcontrollers Australia can provide assistance with root pruning for oak trees, root pruning for ficus trees, root pruning for fruit trees (including pruning of bare root fruit trees), and more.

Is Root Pruning Suitable For Mature Trees?

While root pruning mature trees is possible, there is a greater risk that the tree’s health will be negatively affected compared to pruning a younger tree. For mature trees with established root systems, our root pruning professionals take the greatest care to only remove what’s necessary in order to minimise the risk of damage to the roots.

How Are Tree Roots Underground Pruned?

Cutting tree roots under a sidewalk, road or other surface involves first using hydro-excavation to expose the roots. A stream of high-pressure water is used to break up the ground and provide easy access to the roots. Specialised pruning equipment is then used to trim the roots to the required length.

Root Investigation

Tree roots often grow in an opportunistic manner, meaning they can end up where there’s more water and nutrients rather than being restricted to a certain area. Tree root investigation involves identifying problematic tree roots that could pose a risk to surrounding pavements, roads and structures. Investigation may also be conducted to determine the impact a new construction could have on a tree and its Structural Root Zone. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we use the non destructive digging method to locate tree roots underground and assess whether tree root removal or root pruning for excavation may be necessary.

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