Cutting Tree Roots Under Sidewalk

Cutting Tree Roots Under the Sidewalk

Trees are an important part of our environment, providing oxygen for us to breathe and survive on. They’re also decorative and provide a welcome bit of greenery in the city’s paved streets. However, sometimes trees can clash with manmade infrastructure in ways that you don’t want. That’s when services for cutting tree roots under the sidewalk can come in handy.

Tree roots are essential for a tree’s growth – it needs roots to find nutrients. But unfortunately, sometimes these roots can spread into places where you don’t want them to go. For example, under building foundations, into water pipes and under sidewalks. Fortunately, Rootcontrollers Australia offers a solution to all this with our state-of-the-art non-destructive digging, otherwise known as hydro-excavation. This technology allows us to reach further into the ground and really see what is going on, making use of high pressure jets to blow away dirt and clay without putting any essential infrastructure at risk. The ability to clear away dirt without damage to essential services is why countless clients choose Rootcontrollers Australia to help them with cutting tree roots under the sidewalk.

Why Tree Root Pruning?

Underground tree roots could need to be pruned for a number of reasons, but the most usual ones are:

  • To avoid destruction and impairment of infrastructure by the roots of the tree (including gas and telecommunications).
  • To move trees to another area.
  • To get rid of dead roots which impede the health of the tree.

Damage Done by Tree Roots

There are many kinds of damage that can be caused by tree roots. Here are some of the most common:

  • Cracks in foundations, with roots thwarting the structural integrity of buildings.
  • Problems with plumbing and drainage due to roots getting into pipes, causing cracking and blockages.
  • Asphalt and sidewalks buckling and cracking, causing hazards for pedestrians due to roots growing under the surface.
  • Nearby plants and trees dying due to lack of space for their roots.

Our Solution for Cutting Tree Roots under the Sidewalk

For cutting tree roots under the sidewalk, we use our unique hydro-excavation technology. It enables us to offer non-destructive digging services where everything is preserved as much as possible, including the tree and everything upward and downward of ground level. Because we use a non-destructive method, all key services below the ground are kept in-tact. Furthermore, we can look deeply underground – up to 2 metres, in fact – which is just not possible with other traditional digging methods. Using our technology, we can help with cutting tree roots under the sidewalk for a wide range of different tree types.

The Benefits of Hydro-Excavation

  • Can get down to 2 meters in depth
  • Use of non-destructive digging
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Easy on the trees and local environment

How It Works

When we’re cutting tree roots under the sidewalk, we use hydro-excavation to clear away dirt until the roots are showing. The high pressure water is used again on the area in order to expose the roots. The roots are then cut using professional pruning tools.

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