Tree Root Barriers
Tree Root Barriers

Tree Root Barriers in Melbourne

The roots of a tree are central to its ability to grow and thrive, but the way in which they grow can be problematic. Tree roots seek significant amounts of moisture in order to remain viable and will grow in the direction of the moisture, but when they grow outward, the roots can potentially interfere with the growth of other tree roots, or even cause damage to building foundations, roads and footpaths, underground services (e.g. gas and telecommunications), and garden beds.

Tree Root Control

However, it is possible to control the growth of tree roots with the right tree root control method. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we can provide tree root barrier installation to safeguard important structures and thoroughfares from problem tree roots. As a leading installer of tree root barriers in Melbourne, we can service the needs of commercial, industrial, civic and domestic clients alike by providing the right garden or concrete root barrier.

What Damage Can Tree Roots Cause?

Many people are surprised to learn of the damage that tree roots can cause. If the right root barrier isn’t implemented, you could experience damage such as:

  • Cracks and settling of buildings and foundations, potentially compromising the integrity of structures
  • Blockage of pipes and cracking due to the pressure of growing roots, causing problems with plumbing and drainage
  • Buckling, bulging and cracking of asphalt, leading to tripping hazards on footpaths and other surfaces
  • Death of other plants and trees

The risks of the above can be greatly reduced with root barrier installation in Melbourne from Rootcontrollers Australia.

What is the Best Form of Tree Root Control?

At Rootcontrollers Australia, we recommend a durable HDPE root barrier to control roots. A tree root barrier membrane made from HDPE is the best option for root barrier installation in Melbourne due to its toughness and ability to block tree root growth.

What is a Tree Root Barrier?

A tree root barrier is a form of tree root control that involves installation of a barrier membrane into the soil, with the aim of preventing the intrusion of tree roots in the area. A concrete root barrier can stop concrete from becoming damaged by tree roots, while a garden root barrier can protect the roots of other plants and trees.

What is a Tree Root Barrier Membrane?

A tree root barrier membrane is an impermeable material made from durable HDPE, enabling it to block the growth of tree roots. This membrane is flexible and can be easily cut and moulded to fit the required space.

Root Barriers for Mature Trees

The best time to install a root barrier is while trees are young and their root systems are still small and containable. This means root barriers for mature trees are not recommended due to the perimeter of the root system being difficult to locate. However, depending on the size and species of tree, it may be possible to install a root barrier for a mature tree.

How Do Tree Root Barriers Work?

Rootcontrollers’ root barriers for trees are manufactured using high density polyethylene. We install a deflection barrier underground, which diverts the growth of the tree roots downward rather than outward, enabling the roots to seek moisture while protecting roads, buildings, gardens and so on from any potential damage.

Unlike other similar service providers, our root barrier installation in Melbourne does not require trenching. By using water instead of digging machines, our methods are less destructive to the soil, causing minimal damage to tree roots and resulting in no costly damages to pipes or essential services.

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Proudly servicing the Melbourne CBD and suburbs, Rootcontrollers Australia can help with all your tree root barrier needs. Whether you’re a developer looking to ensure that tree roots don’t get in the way of your plans, or a local resident who has expressed concerns to their council about damage to a neighbourhood footpath, get in touch with us today. Call us on 1300 348 068 or email and we’ll get back to you shortly with the advice and assistance you need.