Micropores Soil

Improve the Health of Micropores with Soil Amelioration in Melbourne

Are you noticing that your trees or other plants are failing to thrive? One possible explanation is that the soil isn’t healthy. In fact, it could be very compacted. This means that your trees aren’t able to penetrate the soil to receive the vital nutrients they need. The air spade is the usual tool used to alleviate compact soil and improve the health of micropores in soil. An air spade uses highly compressed air to loosen the soil. But here at Rootcontrollers Australia, we have a cutting-edge solution that’s kinder to your plants. That solution is hydro soil amelioration in Melbourne, which uses high pressure water to break up the soil instead. In addition to being gentler, this method is much more efficient than traditional soil decompaction services.

What Are Micropores?

There are macropores and micropores in soil, and they are the empty spaces in between pieces of soil. You could liken soil structure to that of a sponge in order to visualise it. They can fill with air, cling to water, or be home to significant soil microorganisms. Usually spaces of 0.08mm or more are named macropores, while micropores in soil are smaller than 0.08mm.

Why Are Micropores in Soil Important?

Micropores in soil are important for holding water in place due to their surface tension. When there is suction from nearby roots, water can travel through micropores in soil. This prevents it from dissipating into the soil. Due to this ability, the micropores shape the soil’s water hold capacity.

Their larger cousins, the macropores, are also vital, but they help water subside with the help of gravity. They’re usually comprised of air and soil microorganisms. Therefore macropores are responsible for the soil’s aeration and porosity. If you have compacted soil and drainage problems, then you have an issue with your macropores.

For different reasons, macropores and micropores in soil are essential to the health of plants, as they’re the gateways to the plant receiving nutrients and water. If you have a problem with your macropores and micropores, then most likely your nearby trees and other plants will be struggling to survive and could benefit from soil decompaction services.

How Can You Make Your Micropores Happy?

The best way of addressing nutrient accessibility problems in soil is to use a device to loosen up the soil. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we choose to use a revolutionary new tool that’s much more efficient than old methods. It’s called hydro amelioration, and it involves directing a high pressure beam of water into the ground to loosen it up. By breaking up the compacted soil, more oxygen can flow around the soil particles, allowing trees to access nutrients again so they can thrive.

Do Your Plants Needs a Little Helping Hand?

If you’ve noticed that your trees and plants are looking a little lacklustre, compacted soil could be the problem. Rootcontrollers Australia is one of the leading micropores soil servicing companies offering soil amelioration in Melbourne. Call us today on 1300 348 068 to learn more or make a booking for our soil decompaction services.