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Are your recently planted trees or shrubs not growing as you believe they should? It could be that the soil they’ve been planted in is overly compacted, meaning it’s too dense to allow for sufficient water and nutrients. Whereas many arborists will tackle soil compaction using an air spade, Rootcontrollers Australia has pioneered innovative hydro amelioration technology which performs the same function in a far more effective and efficient manner. Read on to find out more about soil compaction and how our hydro excavation experts can help to restore soil.

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What is Soil Compaction?

Soil compaction occurs when the macro and micropores in soil inhibit water percolation, drainage and the circulation of air through the dirt. Tree and plant roots have a restricted ability to move through compacted soil. When they’re growing in soil that’s compacted, they become unable to acquire the essential nutrients they need to grow.

What Does Compacted Soil Restoration Involve?

Compacted soil restoration can be facilitated either by an air spade, which uses highly compressed air to break up soil, or by hydro amelioration, which involves spraying a high-pressure stream of water into the soil to break it up. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we offer soil decompaction services in Melbourne using hydro amelioration. This allows for oxygen to circulate through the soil, giving trees an improved opportunity to thrive and become viable.

What is a Water Percolation Test?

A water percolation test, also known as a perc test, is a test that’s conducted to determine the rate of absorption in soil. To perform the test, one or more holes are dug into the soil and then filled with water. The time taken for the water level to drop is then measured to work out the rate of absorption. A water percolation test can determine whether soil is compacted or whether the micropores in soil are healthy.

How Do You Improve Macro & Micropores in Soil?

In compacted soil, the macro and micropores inhibit the absorption of water, meaning less water and nutrients are able to travel through to tree and plant roots. To improve macro and micropores in soil, the soil must be decompacted by using an air spade or other method of amelioration. At Rootcontrollers Australia, we are hydro amelioration experts, providing this innovative service as a superior alternative to air spades and other soil decompaction services in Melbourne.

About Our Hydro Amelioration Services

We pride ourselves on providing expert hydro amelioration services to break up compacted soil, allowing planted trees and shrubs to grow and flourish. With over 20 years of experience behind us when it comes to hydro excavation services in Melbourne, we’re capable of delivering fast and efficient services that are tailored to your needs. Next time you need compacted soil restoration from a trusted hydro amelioration company, make Rootcontrollers Australia your first choice.

Why We Use Hydro Amelioration for Soil Decompaction

While many arborists opt to use an air spade to decompact soil, we believe that hydro amelioration is a far more effective and efficient method to achieve the same goal. Here are just a few reasons why we choose to use hydro amelioration services for compacted soil restoration:

  • Hydro amelioration uses a special jet nozzle to apply water to the compacted soil. This method has the ability to decompact soil up to 300mm deep.
  • It’s a far less destructive method of soil decompaction compared to other methods, as it doesn’t require trenching, bucket diggers, air knifes and other equipment.
  • Hydro amelioration is able to identify and therefore not interfere with essential services that are located underground, such as gas pipes and telecommunications cables. This keeps costs to a minimum, improves safety and prevents downtime to essential services.
  • It is highly effective for dealing with common tree problems, all while protecting the tree itself and preventing it from causing any further damage.

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Whether you’re a domestic, commercial or industrial client in Melbourne, if you’d like to learn more about our hydro amelioration services or make a booking, give Rootcontrollers Australia a call today on 1300 348 068. Our hydro amelioration experts are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a cost estimate for your compacted soil restoration job. Alternatively, you can email our hydro amelioration company at info@hydrox.com.au to receive a prompt response to your query.