Cable Trenching

Cable Trenching Services in Melbourne

Since we launched our revolutionary new technology on the Australian market, cable trenching has never been the same. Hydro-excavation, otherwise known as non-destructive digging, allows for pin-point accuracy when creating trenches. It also allows for the ability to protect existing infrastructure, as only water is used to remove dirt and clay, resulting in a method that’s very gentle yet highly effective. Cable trench excavation in Melbourne provides a quick way of getting the work done and it also requires less labour, so you can see how our company works to a higher efficiency compared to those who are still using old and outdated mechanical excavators. If you look at our list of past clients, you’ll see highly reputable organisations that have trusted us and our new technology to do the best work possible. When companies need reliable cable trenching services, they turn to Rootcontrollers Australia.

What is Cable Trenching?

Cable trenches are the lines of open soil that are necessary when services such as telephone cables, electricity cables or gas pipes are being laid down. Hydro-excavation is perfect for this job because it doesn’t harm these services during the process of cable trenching or filling in soil. In addition, when our state-of-the-art hydro-excavation methods are used, cable trenching is done more quickly and deeply as opposed to older ways of doing things. With our revolutionary hydro-excavation technique, you can be assured that there will be no damage to existing pipework or other infrastructure when we’re carrying out our cable trenching services.

Why is the Hydro-Excavation Method So Advantageous?

No Damage to Utilities

When you use the hydro-excavation method for cable trenching, there’s minimal risk that utilities will be damaged. It’s a gentler procedure compared to using traditional tools for the same task.

Trusted Method

Countless organisations have chosen us for cable trench excavation in Melbourne precisely because of the advantages our unique technology provides. Our method is tried and trusted by companies across a variety of industries.


Using hydro-excavation for cable trenching is eco-friendly, as it causes minimal upset to the surrounding land and plant life.

Less Labour

Our methods for non-destructive digging require less labour to create cable trenches compared to more traditional ways of doing things, saving you time and money.


The process of hydro-excavation for cable trenching is twice as fast as doing the same job any other way, which means we’re more efficient.


Non-destructive digging is a highly accurate technique. We can ensure no damage is done due to our precision and the nature of our tools.

Why Choose Rootcontrollers Australia?

  • Maximum depth of 2000mm
  • Methods are non-destructive
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Gentle pressurised water system
  • Fast positive outcomes
  • We can provide cable trenching services Melbourne-wide
  • We’re eco-friendly
  • Strict safety codes in place

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If you need cable trench excavation in Melbourne, don’t leave it to just any traditional excavation company. Instead, choose Rootcontrollers Australia – innovators in the excavation space. Our non-destructive digging methods protect existing infrastructure during cable trenching to avoid costly damage. For a professional job every time, call us on 1300 348 068.