Hydro Excavation

Hydro Vac Truck Services in Melbourne

Vacuum digging, also known as hydro excavation and non-destructive digging, is an environmentally friendly technique where high pressure water and a vacuum system are used to safely perform excavation work around underground infrastructures and tree roots. The water breaks up hard ground around underground infrastructures and tree roots, while the vacuum sucks in loose slurry into a large tank on the specially designed hydro excavation truck.

Hydro vacuum excavation in Melbourne is safer to conduct compared to other excavation methods, as it is carefully planned, requires less labour, and the risk of utilities being damaged in the process is significantly reduced when compared to manual or mechanical digging. This makes it an excellent alternative to traditional excavation for projects across various industries.

What Vacuum Digging is Used For

Non-destructive vacuum digging is the safest excavation method available to safely discover and identify any cables, pipes and other utilities under the ground without causing unnecessary damage. Utility providers, councils, and telecommunication and construction companies use hydro vac truck services to carry out the following types of jobs:

  • Underground electrical work
  • Installing or straightening of power poles
  • Removing, relocating or remediating trees
  • Digging around underground utilities
  • Installing safety barriers
  • Pole to pit digging
  • Underground cabling
  • Excavating trenches (known as hydro trenching)
  • High pressure cleaning

State-Of-The-Art Excavation Equipment

At Rootcontrollers Australia, we boast modern vacuum excavation trucks that are operated by our qualified and experienced team members. Our trucks for hydro vacuum excavation in Melbourne have been fitted with strong vacuum systems, high pressure water jets, huge debris tanks, and advanced on-board technology, guaranteeing a reliable service.

Our equipment can be used on all types of ground and excavation projects, plus we’re available to provide our services anywhere in Melbourne. Whether you need commercial hydro excavation in Coolaroo or elsewhere, our team can provide a prompt response to deliver the hydro vac truck services you need for your project.

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Rootcontrollers Australia is one of the best hydro excavation companies in Melbourne, capable of providing hydro trenching and other hydro excavation services for projects of all sizes. If you require our assistance for a vacuum digging project, contact us by calling 1300 348 068 or filling out our contact form. Our team will be happy to discuss the unique requirements of your project and provide you with a quote for our hydro vac truck services.