Non-Destructive Digging

Non-Destructive Digging in Melbourne

Rootcontrollers Australia provides effective non-destructive digging Melbourne wide. Non-destructive digging (also known as NDD) is a precise non-mechanical and non-destructive excavation method that utilises an industrial strength vacuum cleaner and pressurised water to excavate and evacuate soil at the same time. This pressurised water breaks up the soil and produces a slurry that’s then removed with a powerful vacuum and stored in a large debris tank on the NDD truck.

NDD excavation in Melbourne is a fast and simple process that our trained team can help you with. You can rest assured the soil and building infrastructures near your worksite will not be disturbed with our non-destructive digging service, reducing the chances of the soil caving in or a building incurring any damage. This ensures a safer worksite while also getting the job done quicker compared to other excavation methods such as air knife excavation in Melbourne.

The Benefits of NDD

NDD is the preferred excavation method to use due to its precision, safety and speed. Here are some more benefits of non-destructive excavation:

  • Safe for workers and nearby community members
  • Cost-effective compared to other excavation methods
  • The risk of excavating around gas, water and communication lines is removed
  • Minimal surface disruptions and environmental impact
  • The position and depths of the proposed digging can be precisely planned
  • Tight spaces can be safely accessed
  • The work can be safely carried out close to existing structures
  • The NDD truck can be placed at a distance from the actual work area

How Much Does NDD Cost?

Our non-destructive digging in Melbourne is a safe, fast and cost-effective substitute to traditional mechanical digging processes. The cost of non-destructive excavation work will vary from job to job due to waste disposal requirements, the condition of the ground, location of underground assets, the cost of labour, how quickly the work needs to be done, and risks of potential damage. When all of these factors are taken into consideration, NDD suction excavator hire is often the most cost-effective and logical option.

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Our non-destructive digging service is fast, effective, and produces only marginal mess and inconvenience. If you require specialist non-destructive digging in Melbourne, call Rootcontrollers Australia today on 1300 348 068 or fill out our contact form to book our NDD trucks in Coolaroo or beyond. We can also answer any questions you may have about our suction excavator hire service.