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Rootcontrollers Australia is proud to offer a genuine revolution in digging technology. Hydro-Excavation is a state-of-the-art high pressure system offering, for the first time in Australia, the world’s best practice in non-destructive digging. We use the process for a range of services including:

Far superior to traditional digging methods, the process of hydro-excavation involves the removal of soil with highly pressurised water. It offers minimal risk of damaging essential service and utility pipes and cables located underground. There is a wealth of additional benefits to choosing hydro-excavation over conventional digging.

The benefits of hydro-excavation

One of the key advantages of hydro-excavation is that it can reach a maximum depth of 2000mm or in the right soil conditions even 3000-4000mm. This enables us to achieve faster, more comprehensive exposure of tree root systems with minimal damage. This technology also gives us the ability to operate close to existing above ground structures without causing unnecessary destruction.

For fast, efficient results anywhere across Melbourne, get in touch with the hydro-excavation professionals at Rootcontrollers today. Call 1300 348 068 or contact us online.

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